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20 September 2010 @ 02:59 pm
Is anyone else in love with television?  
Never before have I been this busy. Seriously - it doesn't help that I am enjoying what I am doing, otherwise I really wouldn't work this hard. But despite that, I am actually finding more time to do the things that I like that have nothing to do with work. And unashamedly one of those things is watching television. I am not overweight, I love healthy food and going to the gym (I really do) and I know what the word outside means so I feel no guilt for loving the TV.

And since it is now Autumn all the shows I love are back, including this new show that I only heard about a few days ago. Have a look at the promo.

Aren't the actors, Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw some of the prettiest people ever? But more than that, isn't her underwear to die for?

Don't get me wrong, my love for the television takes nothing away from my love of reading and books. Yesterday I managed to get my hands on Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most peculiar Malaysian Murder.

Doesn't it look absolutely brilliant in a hilarious kind of way?

And I know I am jumping from one topic to another but today has been such a good day. I have edited two pieces (and without making my head all too large) made them a whole load better than what they were when I was sent them. Thankfully they aren't some of the worst articles I have ever had to try to salvage. Surprisingly there are far to many so-called writers out there who have no idea what re-reading their work means. If they did they wouldn't send me something tells readers about what happens to human hair once it is sold. It does not just end up in the fashion/hair industry. The other place where it ends up made me throw up a little in my mouth and no matter what I do I will never be able to forget it. Or be able to eat a certain type of food ever again.

Anyhoo, I spent this morning finalising a travel piece - never before have I enjoyed armchair travel quite as much. It's all on Dubai and what you can do there during the Winter months. I really want to travel somewhere and I have no problem ditching the comfort of my own home if it means I can swim in the sea or climb a volcano. But I have to admit, dreaming and writing about it, isn't all that bad. Especially since this September (so far) has been a really nice one. Lots of sunshine. When I garden there is always one robin who decides to keep me company and now the two of us have become really good friends.

And quess what I went to see the other week in the West End? Deathtrap starring Simon Russell Beale, Jonathan Groff and Claire Skinner. A comic thriller on the stage? No way would I miss that! I took my Mum with me and at one point she actually screamed from shock - the markings of an excellent play.

Live long and prosper!