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Roshni (mememememeee)
01 January 2020 @ 07:53 pm
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Roshni (mememememeee)
04 October 2010 @ 08:42 pm

For any of you, does this TV show mean childhood? It was mine. And not only that, it gave my dad another one. He loved this show so much more than the two of us (that's not saying that we didn't love it)

I haven't seen a show in ages though - that and Scooby Doo, Wouldn't mind watching re-runs of those shows! Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about my Madrid photos - I'll reply to all of them tomorrow. Today I have been editing a piece that I actually didn't enjoy at all. About women's dreams and desires to catch a mate with the power of dress.

I know.
Roshni (mememememeee)
30 September 2010 @ 08:49 pm
 Madrid was three days of walking, sightseeing and searching for food (as a vegetarian, this was incredibly hard). The weather was perfect and the company wasn't all that bad either LOL 

This is the four of us in front of the Royal Palace - Europe's largest Palace. It was stunning - from the outside and the inside. Then in the evening we visited San Ginés, one of the premiere hot chocolate con churros servers in the city. Churros are made out of donut flour and fried. It's then dipped into the hot chocolate - and OMG it melts in your mouth and even I, who doesn't eat anything that might add weight, stuffed myself silly. It did help that along with the chocolate I was devouring a glass of Sangria which was very heavy on the alcohol. 


The next day was full of botanical gardens and Egyptian Temples. 

None of us expected there to be an Egyptian Temple in the middle of Madrid, but there it was and it was beautiful 

That evening we actually found a place, owned by an American chef that specialized in Vegetarian food. It was heaven. And her Sangria wasn't so strong and therefore I enjoyed it a whole load more. The last day was incredible. We went to Retiro Park and went rowing. I have never rowed in my life and OMG did I fall in love with the sport!

It's the first time I've been so deliriously happy in ages. There were four of us and it was only polite that I let the others have a go, but every time the oars were passed on to someone who wasn't me, my heart broke. And I'm only exaggerating a little here. Also it took us 11 minutes to get out of the pier - it was mortifying - all these people were staring at us. Then it became obvious very quickly that it wasn't one person per oar. As it was when no one could find a rhythm like that - I still cringe at the looks we got! But once it wasn't a sharing effort I received looks of envy. I really did - one friend told me that a fairly cute guy couldn't take his eyes off me because I could row better than he could. My ego exploded. 

It was a lovely break and I am already planning my next excursion!

Live long and prosper!

Roshni (mememememeee)
23 September 2010 @ 08:42 pm
The title says it all and I CAN'T WAIT. I miss travelling when I don't! I just wish I had an endless stream of funds to fuel my expensive passion.

I also found this picture and I laughed. A lot.


Live long and prosper!

Roshni (mememememeee)
22 September 2010 @ 03:36 pm
I went to see a very sad play yesterday. By sad I don't mean opposite of happy (though it was by no means happy) but stark, truthful and desolate. Called Waiting it was written by Victoria Brittain and based on the women living in the UK whose husbands had been falsely accused of terrorism and sent to Guantanamo Bay without any charges brought forward. 

It was very hard to sit throw it all - sometimes I enjoy pretending that the country I live in isn't completely hypocritical when it comes to human rights. As one ex-lawyer in the play mentioned - this country sends people abroad to educate them on how to treat other humans yet they themselves are fully aware and complicit in what was happening to the people charged with conspiracy to terrorism. And these people were never found guilty. 
But I am so glad that I did go to see it. It made me understand things a little more. 

And on a completely different topic, guess who is going to Madrid??

Roshni (mememememeee)
20 September 2010 @ 02:59 pm
Never before have I been this busy. Seriously - it doesn't help that I am enjoying what I am doing, otherwise I really wouldn't work this hard. But despite that, I am actually finding more time to do the things that I like that have nothing to do with work. And unashamedly one of those things is watching television. I am not overweight, I love healthy food and going to the gym (I really do) and I know what the word outside means so I feel no guilt for loving the TV.

And since it is now Autumn all the shows I love are back, including this new show that I only heard about a few days ago. Have a look at the promo.

Aren't the actors, Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw some of the prettiest people ever? But more than that, isn't her underwear to die for?

Don't get me wrong, my love for the television takes nothing away from my love of reading and books. Yesterday I managed to get my hands on Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most peculiar Malaysian Murder.

Doesn't it look absolutely brilliant in a hilarious kind of way?

And I know I am jumping from one topic to another but today has been such a good day. I have edited two pieces (and without making my head all too large) made them a whole load better than what they were when I was sent them. Thankfully they aren't some of the worst articles I have ever had to try to salvage. Surprisingly there are far to many so-called writers out there who have no idea what re-reading their work means. If they did they wouldn't send me something tells readers about what happens to human hair once it is sold. It does not just end up in the fashion/hair industry. The other place where it ends up made me throw up a little in my mouth and no matter what I do I will never be able to forget it. Or be able to eat a certain type of food ever again.

Anyhoo, I spent this morning finalising a travel piece - never before have I enjoyed armchair travel quite as much. It's all on Dubai and what you can do there during the Winter months. I really want to travel somewhere and I have no problem ditching the comfort of my own home if it means I can swim in the sea or climb a volcano. But I have to admit, dreaming and writing about it, isn't all that bad. Especially since this September (so far) has been a really nice one. Lots of sunshine. When I garden there is always one robin who decides to keep me company and now the two of us have become really good friends.

And quess what I went to see the other week in the West End? Deathtrap starring Simon Russell Beale, Jonathan Groff and Claire Skinner. A comic thriller on the stage? No way would I miss that! I took my Mum with me and at one point she actually screamed from shock - the markings of an excellent play.

Live long and prosper!


Roshni (mememememeee)
18 September 2010 @ 03:20 pm
I am sure all of you by now have seen/heard of Lady Gaga's latest video appeal to the Senate asking them to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT). As a serious shortfall on my part, I had never heard of this law - I don't know what I thought happened to homosexual soldiers. But I watched this video and had a long think after.

My first reaction was - go Gaga! I am in compltely support of DADT being repealed if it means that men and women who want to fight to save the country they love, can. She seems to be trying to say that a person's sexuality has nothing to do with their personality, which is so very true, but then at the VMAs during one of her (many) acceptance speechs she thanked 'all the gays for remaking this video'. So the video was only made because gays helped make it? It couldn't have been made without them? (As a side note her meat dress made me vomit a little in my own mouth. But then she brought service men and women with her to the VMAs which brought the whole issue to a new audience of people who may find politics sintilating)

Obviously that isn't the only problem - it is glaringly obvious that she is reading what she is saying - and that's fine, 8 minites of sppech to memorize isn't all that easy but game show presenters do it all the time without making it seem as if they were reading - why couldn't she? It takes some of the credibility away from her message. Also if this is a passion for her, then maybe memorizing it shouldn't have been all that difficult (and it wasn't really 8 minutes was it? At some points all that was heard was the telephone ringing). The constant camera shaking also was more of a distraction than a nod to homemade videos. She's Lady Gaga - her homemade videos should be truly spectacular.

But how often does someone with power have the nerve to address the Senate? Sure they might sing of making changes, but that usually refers to thier role within a relationship which is fascinating no matter how many times I have to listen to it. Lady Gaga is so successful because she is so mainstream and she is only mainstream because she has a huge and diverse fan base. Her success rests on widespread appeal and this, most definitely, isn't going to appeal to every single person who loves her music. How many successful people have on purpose  allienated the very people who love them?

And while I have an opinion on this (and an opinion on almost everything) I'm not American and (sadly) I don't have any power in changing the law. But I do wonder what will happen...

Roshni (mememememeee)
16 September 2010 @ 09:19 pm
Have any of you seen the trailer for Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp's new movie?

I like it! And therefore am ridiculously excited and counting down the days.

In other words my boss just called me and told me that i am doing a good job.,


Live long and prosper!

Roshni (mememememeee)
15 September 2010 @ 11:45 am
Hello all! I have fallen in love. Sadly, i don't think he feels the same:

But he did fall in love with my sock.

I think it has been over a month since I last posted (I don't want to check the exact date because it depresses me) and so much has happened.

The biggest news is that I am going to be published!! The magazine's first issue is about to be launched and I have been lucky enough to write a few pieces for it. I say lucky, but I have worked bloody hard for it. It has been so hectic and since I have never had to do anything like this before it has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would - longer in the sense that I had to do research in how to style my writing for a particular piece. Then I minded, now not so much - it's all good practice after all and it'll all be worth it when it's done. And the magazine is going to be distributed world wide, which makes my heart very happy.

Besides work, I went on holiday to the Lake District, which has to be one of the most beautiful plaves I have ever been to.

Getting on top of this mountain was an absolutely fabulous trek - and the next day we did a 6.5 mile one up and down a whole bunch of hills and mountains and when we reached the top there was a lake! It was the lake Beatrix Potter visited everyday with her husband. It was the perfect place for a picnic. We were very lucky - while we were there it was pouring in London and when we came back it started pouring there.

I also started watching a whole bunch of new TV shows. Any of you watch either Rizzoli & Isles or Nikita? I really love both of these shows. Cop/Medical shows are everywhere but it's nice to watch something that manages to have a different or unusual twist to the ordinary. And Nikita is all about the clever violence and the pretty people. And I love these particular pretty people, especially since they are trying to survive in this dark fairytale. (I also find it incredibly strange and funny how weird the name Nikita sounds with an American accent - it's been an Indian name for so long that I have become used to different letters being stressed).

Before I go I am just going to post one extra picture. thanks to my job I am activley encouraged and even given free tickets to go to the West End and indulge in the only snooty behaviour that I love to cultivate - going to the theatre (and then after being all posh about it). So I went to see La Bete a while ago and look who I met!

Live long and prosper!

Roshni (mememememeee)
11 August 2010 @ 10:01 am
I would like to introduce you all to Jenny, she is my hero. I don't know her, but read the way she quit and you'll understand why I wish I did know her.
amazing girl quits 0 Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)

amazing girl quits 1 Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)

I was going to post all the pictures, under a cut but I just did some more research and found out it was all a joke. You have no idea how annoyed I am by that. I hope sp much some girl does quit just like this!